Edit Kubernetes overrides

If your universe was created using Kubernetes, you have an option of modifying the Helm chart overrides.

Edit Kubernetes overrides

To edit Kubernetes overrides, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your universe's Overview.

  2. Click Actions > Edit Kubernetes Overrides to open the Kubernetes Overrides dialog shown in the following illustration:

    Kubernetes Overrides

  3. Complete the dialog by following instructions provided in Configure Helm overrides.

Upgrade universes for GKE service account-based IAM

If you are using Google Cloud Storage (GCS) for backups, you can enable GKE service account-based IAM (GCP IAM) so that Kubernetes universes can access GCS.

Before upgrading a universe for GCP IAM, ensure you have the prerequisites. Refer to GCP IAM.

To upgrade an existing universe to use GCP IAM, do the following:

  1. Upgrade YugabyteDB to a version that supports the feature (2.18.4 or later). For more details, refer to Upgrade the YugabyteDB software.

  2. Using the steps in Edit Kubernetes overrides, apply the following overrides.

    • serviceAccount: Provide the name of the Kubernetes service account you created. Note that this service account should be present in the namespace being used for the YugabyteDB pod resources.
    • nodeSelector: Pass a node selector override to make sure that the YugabyteDB pods are scheduled on the GKE cluster's worker nodes that have a metadata server running.
      serviceAccount: <KSA_NAME>
      iam.gke.io/gke-metadata-server-enabled: "true"