Note on migrating from MySQL/Oracle on macOS

To migrate from MySQL/Oracle source databases on macOS to YugabyteDB, install yb-voyager using docker-based instructions.

Perform the following steps to install yb-voyager using brew for macOS:

  1. Tap the yugabyte Homebrew repository using the following command:

    brew tap yugabyte/tap

    The repository contains the formula to build and install yb-voyager on your macOS device.

    Note that the tap yugabyte/yugabytedb has been updated to yugabyte/tap. If you have previously installed yb-voyager using the tap yugabyte/yugabytedb, untap the entry using brew untap yugabyte/yugabytedb, and then tap using the preceding command.

  2. Install yb-voyager and its dependencies using the following command:

    brew install yb-voyager

    Install a specific version of yb-voyager using the following command:

    brew install yb-voyager@<VERSION>
  3. Check that yb-voyager is installed using the following command:

    yb-voyager version