analyze schema reference

yb-voyager analyze schema

Analyse the PostgreSQL schema dumped in the export schema step.


yb-voyager analyze-schema [ <arguments> ... ]


The valid arguments for analyze schema are described in the following table:

Argument Description/valid options
-e, --export-dir Path to the export directory. This directory is a workspace used to store exported schema DDL files, export data files, migration state, and a log file.
-h, --help Command line help.
--output-format Format in which the report file is generated. One of html, txt, json, or xml.
‑‑send‑diagnostics Enable or disable sending diagnostics information to Yugabyte.
Default: true
Accepted parameters: true, false, yes, no, 0, 1
-y, --yes Answer yes to all prompts during the export schema operation.
Default: false
Accepted parameters: true, false, yes, no, 0, 1


yb-voyager analyze-schema --export-dir /dir/export-dir --output-format txt