Assess migration TECH PREVIEW

yb-voyager assess-migration

Assess the migration from source (PostgreSQL) database to YugabyteDB.


Usage: yb-voyager assess-migration [ <arguments> ... ]


The valid arguments for assess migration are described in the following table:

Argument Description/valid options
‑‑assessment‑metadata‑dir Directory path where assessment metadata like source database metadata and statistics are stored. Optional flag, if not provided, it will be assumed to be present at default path inside the export directory.
-e, --export-dir Path to the export directory. This directory is a workspace used to store exported schema DDL files, export data files, migration state, and a log file.
-h, --help Command line help.
--iops-capture-interval Interval (in seconds) at which Voyager will gather IOPS metadata from the source database for the given schema(s).
Default: 120
--send-diagnostics Enable or disable sending diagnostics information to Yugabyte.
Default: true
Accepted parameters: true, false, yes, no, 0, 1
--source-db-host Domain name or IP address of the machine on which the source database server is running.
Default: localhost
--source-db-name Source database name.
‑‑source‑db‑password Password to connect to the source database. If you don't provide a password via the CLI during any migration phase, yb-voyager will prompt you at runtime for a password. Alternatively, you can also specify the password by setting the environment variable SOURCE_DB_PASSWORD. If the password contains special characters that are interpreted by the shell (for example, # and $), enclose it in single quotes.
--source-db-port Source database server port number.
Default: PostgreSQL(5432)
--source-db-schema Source schema name(s) to export. In case of multiple schemas, use a comma-separated list of schemas: schema1,schema2,schema3.
--source-db-type Source database type (postgresql).
--source-db-user Username of the source database.
--source-ssl-cert Path to a file containing the certificate which is part of the SSL <cert,key> pair.
--source-ssl-crl Path of the file containing source SSL Root Certificate Revocation List (CRL).
--source-ssl-key Path to a file containing the key which is part of the SSL <cert,key> pair.
--source-ssl-mode One of disable, allow, prefer(default), require, verify-ca, or verify-full.
--source-ssl-root-cert Path of the file containing source SSL Root Certificate.
--start-clean Cleans up the project directory for schema or data files depending on the export command.
Default: false
Accepted parameters: true, false, yes, no, 0, 1.
-y, --yes Assume answer to all prompts during migration.
Default: false


yb-voyager assess-migration --source-db-type postgresql \
        --source-db-host hostname --source-db-user username \
        --source-db-password password --source-db-name dbname \
        --source-db-schema schema1,schema2 --export-dir /path/to/export/dir