Before you begin

Using a cluster in YugabyteDB Managed

The tutorials assume you have deployed a YugabyteDB cluster in YugabyteDB Managed or locally. Refer to Quick start.

In addition, if you are using YugabyteDB Managed, you need the following to run the sample applications:

  • The cluster CA certificate
  • Your computer added to the cluster IP allow list


To take advantage of smart driver load balancing features when connecting to clusters in YugabyteDB Managed, applications using smart drivers must be deployed in a VPC that has been peered with the cluster VPC. For information on VPC networking in YugabyteDB Managed, refer to VPC network.

For applications that access the cluster from a non-peered network, use the upstream PostgreSQL driver instead; in this case, the cluster performs the load balancing. Applications that use smart drivers from non-peered networks fall back to the upstream driver behaviour automatically.

Download your cluster certificate

YugabyteDB Managed uses TLS 1.2 for communicating with clusters, and digital certificates to verify the identity of clusters. The cluster CA certificate is used to verify the identity of the cluster when you connect to it from an application or client.

To download the certificate to the computer that will be connecting to the cluster, do the following:

Download certificate and add IP

  1. In YugabyteDB Managed, select your cluster and click Connect.
  2. Click YugabyteDB Client Shell or Connect to your Application.
  3. Click Download CA Cert to download the cluster root.crt certificate to your computer.

Add your computer to the cluster IP allow list

Access to YugabyteDB Managed clusters is limited to IP addresses that you explicitly allow using IP allow lists. To enable applications to connect to your cluster, you need to add your computer's IP address to the cluster IP allow list.

To add your computer to the cluster IP allow list:

  1. In YugabyteDB Managed, select your cluster.
  2. Click Add IP Allow List.
  3. Click Create New List and Add to Cluster.
  4. Enter a name for the allow list.
  5. Click Detect and add my IP to this list to add your own IP address.
  6. Click Save.

The allow list takes up to 30 seconds to become active.