Caspio is a no-code platform for creating business applications. With a wide variety of application integrations, it allows users to better connect to and understand their business data.

You can access your PostgreSQL-compatible databases, such as YugabyteDB, by connecting to Caspio through one of their integration partners. This document describes how to connect to YugabyteDB using Caspio via zapier.


Your YugabyteDB cluster should be up and running. Refer to YugabyteDB Prerequisites.

To connect your YugabyteDB database to Caspio:

  1. In Zapier, create a Caspio application integration by providing your Caspio subdomain.

  2. In Zapier, create a PostgreSQL integration as follows:

    • Add the host address of your YugabyteDB instance.
    • Change the port from 5432 to 5433.
    • Change the database name to that of your YugabyteDB instance.
    • Provide the schema name.
    • Provide the username and password for your YugabyteDB instance.
    • Optionally, to connect via SSL, provide the CA certificate.
  3. If your cluster is in YugabyteDB Aeon, be sure to add the listed IP addresses to the cluster IP Allow List.

With these applications connected, you can create Zaps to trigger events and create relationships between Caspio and the underlying YugabyteDB data source.