Schema Evolution Manager

Schema Evolution Manager makes it feasible for engineers to contribute schema changes to a PostgreSQL database, managing the schema evolutions as proper source code.

Because YugabyteDB's YSQL API is wire-compatible with PostgreSQL, Schema Evolution Manager can connect to YugabyteDB just like with PostgreSQL.


  1. Start a YugabyteDB cluster. Refer to YugabyteDB Prerequisites.

  2. Install Schema Evolution Manager following the installation instructions from the GitHub repository.

  3. To connect to the YugabyteDB database, follow the Getting Started steps.

    Replace the connection string that you use to connect to the database for a cluster created with yugabyted, as per the following configuration:

    sem-init --dir /tmp/sample
             --url postgresql://yugabyte:yugabyte@yb_tserver_ip:5433/database_name