I'd like to watch a movie about a space adventure

The service turns your prompt into an embedding with OpenAI's model, then searches for similar movie descriptions. The results should look like this:

Similarity Search Result

PostgreSQL can filter movies by rank and category before doing the vector search. For instance, set rank to 7, choose Science Fiction as the category, and repeat the search again:

Similarity Search With Pre-Filtering Result (Hint: Pick a movie you like and add it to your library with the Add to Library button.)

Here's the SQL query that YugaPlus uses to find the movie recommendations:

SELECT id, title, overview, vote_average, release_date FROM movie 
WHERE vote_average >= :rank 
AND genres @> :category::jsonb 
AND 1 - (overview_vector <=> :prompt_vector::vector) >= :similarity_threshold 
ORDER BY overview_vector <=> :prompt_vector::vector 
LIMIT :max_results