Audit account activity

Monitor account and cluster activity in YugabyteDB Managed

Audit your account activity using the Activity tab on the Admin page, which lists the source, activity, user, and time of the activity.

Cluster activity is also displayed on the cluster Activity tab.

You must be signed in as an Admin user; Developer users cannot view the account activity.

Activity tab

To view activity details and associated messages, click the right arrow in the list to display the Activity Details sheet.

To filter the activity list, enter a search term. You can also filter the list by Source, Activity, and Date range.

Logged activity

The following table lists the activity that is logged.

Source Activity
Allow List Create Allow List
Delete Allow List
API Key Create API Key
Expire API Key
Revoke API Key
Backup Create Backup
Delete Backup
Restore Backup
Backup Schedule Add Backup Schedule
Edit Backup Schedule
Delete Backup Schedule
Billing Add Billing
Edit Billing
Cluster Create Cluster
Delete Cluster
Edit Cluster
Upgrade Cluster
Pause Cluster
Resume Cluster
Login Types Edit Login Types
Maintenance Edit Maintenance Window
Edit Maintenance Exclusion
Schedule Maintenance Event
Payment Add Payment
Edit Payment
Delete Payment
Read Replica Create read replica
Edit read replica
Delete read replica
User Add User
Edit User
Remove User
Activate user
VPC Create VPC
Delete VPC
VPC Peering Create VPC Peering
Delete VPC Peering