Shared responsibility model

YugabyteDB Managed security and compliance is a shared responsibility between public cloud providers, Yugabyte, and YugabyteDB Managed customers.

Under the shared responsibility model, there is a division of responsibility for the security aspects of YugabyteDB Managed, which includes but is not limited to network controls, data classification, application controls, identity and access management, and more. The responsibilities for each workload and feature depend on where the workload is hosted - Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or on-premises in your own data center.

Shared responsibility model

You are responsible for reviewing YugabyteDB Managed security capabilities and features in accordance with your compliance and regulatory requirements to determine whether your data can be stored in YugabyteDB Managed. You are also responsible for the security, protection, and backup of your data as far as this is possible in the shared responsibility model, as well as for configuring YugabyteDB Managed security and product features to the extent that Yugabyte makes it possible.

Yugabyte leverages public cloud provider PaaS and SaaS offerings to deliver the YugabyteDB Managed service. Under the shared responsibility model, the public cloud providers are responsible for providing and protecting the infrastructure (the hardware, software, networking, and facilities) that runs the cloud services Yugabyte provides in YugabyteDB Managed. Configuration related to infrastructure managed and operated by the public cloud providers is generally not available for Yugabyte customers to audit or modify in YugabyteDB Managed.

Yugabyte implements the technical and organizational security measures as described in the YugabyteDB Managed Data Processing Addendum (DPA).