ybm network-allow-list

Manage account IP allow lists

Use the network-allow-list resource to perform operations on allow lists, including the following:

  • create and delete allow lists
  • get information about an IP allow list


Usage: ybm network-allow-list [command] [flags]


Create a single address allow list:

ybm network-allow-list create \
    --name=my-computer \
    --description="my IP address" \
    --ip-addr=$(curl ifconfig.me)



Create an allow list.

Flag Description
--name Required. Name for the IP allow list.
--description Description of the IP allow list.
If the description includes spaces, enclose the description in quotes (").
--ip-addr IP addresses to add to the allow list.


Delete the specified allow list.

Flag Description
--name Required. Name of the IP allow list to delete.


List the allow lists configured for your account.

Flag Description
--name Name of an IP allow list.