Request a free trial

Explore all YugabyteDB Managed features

To go beyond the capabilities of the Sandbox cluster, request a free trial. If you qualify, you will receive free credits towards creating Dedicated clusters and accessing other features in YugabyteDB Managed.

To request a free trial:

  1. Sign up.

  2. Log in.

  3. On the Clusters page, click Add Cluster.

    Request a free trial

  4. Click Request a Free Trial.

  5. Enter your details.

The Yugabyte team will contact you within two business days. In the meantime, create a Sandbox cluster to run a tutorial and explore YugabyteDB and distributed SQL.

After the free trial is approved, the credits can be used to create dedicated clusters in a variety of topologies, including:

  • Single region multi zone
  • Replicated across regions
  • Partition by region
  • Read replicas

Create a billing profile and add a payment method any time. You won't be charged until your credits are used.

Only one free trial can be applied to an account.