Prepare the private cloud (on-premise) environment

To run a YugabyteDB universe on a private cloud, you need to prepare one computer to run YugabyteDB Anywhere, which is in turn used to install and manage the nodes included in the universe.

A YugabyteDB Anywhere node has the following requirements:

  • Hardware requirements:

    • Nodes: 1 Virtual Machine
    • Cores: 8 Cores
    • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage Disk: 100GB (minimum) (confirm SSD)

  • Docker Engine: supported version 19.03.n. If not installed, see Installing Docker in airgapped.

  • The following ports should be open on the YugabyteDB Anywhere host:

    • 8800 – HTTP access to the Replicated UI.
    • 80 – HTTP access to the YugabyteDB Anywhere UI.
    • 443 – HTTPs access to the YugabyteDB Anywhere UI.
    • 22 – SSH.
    • 9090 – Prometheus metrics.

    For more information on ports used by YugabyteDB, refer to Default ports.

  • Ability to connect from the YugabyteDB Anywhere host to all YugabyteDB data nodes.