Back up and restore YugabyteDB Anywhere

Back up your YugabyteDB Anywhere installation

YugabyteDB Anywhere installations include configuration settings, certificates and keys, and other components required for creating and managing YugabyteDB universes.

You can use the YugabyteDB Anywhere script to back up an existing YugabyteDB Anywhere server and restore it, when needed, for disaster recovery or migrating to a new server.


To perform backups and restores in a Replicated environment, you must have a permission to run docker commands. This means that on systems with the default docker configuration, the backup and restore script must be run using sudo or run as the root user (or another member of the docker group).

Download the script

Download the version of the backup script that corresponds to the version of YugabyteDB Anywhere that you are backing up and restoring.

For example, if you are running version, you can copy the script from the yugabyte-db repository using the following wget command:


If you are running a different version of YugabyteDB Anywhere, replace the version number in the command with the correct version number.

Back up a YugabyteDB Anywhere server

To back up a YugabyteDB Anywhere server, perform the following:

  1. Run the script using the backup command, as follows:

    ./ create --output <output_path> [--data_dir <data_dir>] [--exclude_prometheus]

    The create command runs the backup of the YugabyteDB Anywhere server.

    output_path specifies the location for the .tar output file.

    data_dir is optional. It specifies the data directory to be backed up. Default is /opt/yugabyte.

    --exclude_prometheus is optional. It excludes Prometheus metrics from the backup.

  2. Verify that the backup .tar file, with the correct timestamp, is in the specified output directory.

  3. Upload the backup file to your preferred storage location and delete it from the local disk.

Restore a YugabyteDB Anywhere server

To restore the YugabyteDB Anywhere content from your saved backup, perform the following:

  1. Copy the backup .tar file from your storage location.

  2. Run the script using the restore command:

    ./ restore --input <input_path> [--destination <destination>]

    The restore command restores the YugabyteDB Anywhere content.

    input_path is the path to the input .tar file.

    destination is optional. It specifies the output location for data. Default is /opt/yugabyte.

Upon completion of the preceding steps, the restored YugabyteDB Anywhere is ready to continue managing your universes and clusters.