Manually provision on-premises nodes

Your SSH user has sudo privileges that require a password

Use the following procedure to manually provision nodes for your YugabyteDB Anywhere (YBA) on-premises provider configuration:

  • Your SSH user has sudo privileges that require a password - Assisted manual.
  • Your SSH user does not have sudo privileges at all - Fully manual.

If the SSH user configured in the on-premises provider has sudo privileges that require a password, you can provision your nodes by running the pre-provisioning script (

The script is displayed under Instances on the Instances tab of the on-prem configuration you created.


If the SSH user does not have any sudo privileges at all, you can't use the script and need to perform a fully manual setup.

Manually provision nodes using the script

You can manually provision each node using the pre-provisioning Python script, as follows:

  1. Log in to the YBA virtual machine via SSH.

  2. If you installed YBA using Replicated, access the Docker yugaware container, as follows:

    sudo docker exec -it yugaware bash
  3. In YBA, navigate to Configs > Infrastructure > On-Premises Datacenters, select the on-prem configuration you created, and choose Instances.

    On-prem pre-provisioning script

  4. Copy and paste the Python script command under Instances.

    Set the flags for the command as follows:

    • --ask_password - this flag instructs the script to prompt for a password, which is required if the sudo user requires password authentication.
    • --ip - enter the IP address of the node.
    • --mount_points - enter the mount point configured for the node (typically /data). If you have multiple drives, add these as a comma-separated list, such as, for example, /mnt/d0,/mnt/d1.
    • --install_node_agent - this flag instructs the script to install the node agent, which is required for YBA to communicate with the instance.
    • --api_token - enter your API token; you can create an API token by navigating to your User Profile and clicking Generate Key.
    • --yba_url - enter the URL of the machine where you are running YBA, with port 9000. For example, The node must be able to communicate with YBA at this address.
    • --node_name - enter a name for the node.
    • --instance_type - enter the name of the instance type to use for the node. The name must match the name of an existing instance type.
    • --zone_name - enter a zone name for the node.

    For example:

    /opt/yugabyte/yugaware/data/provision/9cf26f3b-4c7c-451a-880d-593f2f76efce/ \
        --ask_password \
        --ip \
        --mount_points /data \
        --install_node_agent \
        --api_token 999bc9db-ddfb-9fec-a33d-4f8f9fd88db7 \
        --yba_url \
        --node_name onprem_node1 \
        --instance_type c5.large \
        --zone_name us-west-2a 

    Expect the following output and password prompt:

    Executing provision now for instance with IP
    SUDO password:
  5. Enter your password.

  6. Wait for the script to finish successfully.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for every node that will participate in the on-prem configuration.

After you have provisioned the nodes, you can proceed to add instances to the on-prem provider.