Upgrade YugabyteDB Anywhere installation on Kubernetes

You can use Helm to upgrade your YugabyteDB Anywhere installed on Kubernetes to a newer version.

Before running an upgrade, execute the following command to obtain the latest versions of YugabyteDB Anywhere from Helm charts:

helm repo update

To upgrade to a specific version while preserving overrides you might have applied to your initial YugabyteDB Anywhere installation or previous upgrades, execute the following command:

helm upgrade yw-test yugabytedb/yugaware --version 2.15.2 -n yb-platform --reuse-values --set image.tag= --wait

To obtain the value for --set image.tag, execute the following command:

helm list | awk '{if (NR!=1) print $NF}'

If you do not wish to port your overrides, do not include reuse-values. Instead, you may choose to pass your existing overrides file by adding --values custom-values.yaml to your command during the upgrade.

If you have upgraded YugabyteDB Anywhere to version 2.12 or later and xCluster replication for your universe was set up via yb-admin instead of the UI, follow the instructions provided in Synchronize replication after upgrade.

If you are upgrading a YugabyteDB Anywhere installation with high availability enabled, follow the instructions provided in Upgrade instances.