Assuming this repository is checked out in ~/code/yugabyte-db, do the following:

cd ~/code/yugabyte-db
./ release

The command above will build the release configuration, add the binaries into the build/release-<compiler>-dynamic-ninja directory, and create a build/latest symlink to that directory.


If you see errors, such as internal compiler error: Killed, the system has probably run out of memory. Try again by running the build script with less concurrency, for example, -j1.


If you get an error message such as

ValueError: Found no third-party release archives to download for OS type ubuntu20.04, compiler type matching gcc11, architecture x86_64, is_linuxbrew=False. See more details above.

it means that there is no third-party download available for that build configuration. Check the output that precedes the message for supported configurations.

For more details about building and testing, refer to Build and test.