• Initialize YEDIS API in the YugabyteDB universe you just set up by running the following yb-admin command.
$ kubectl exec -it yb-master-0 -- /home/yugabyte/bin/yb-admin --master_addresses yb-master-0.yb-masters.default.svc.cluster.local:7100 setup_redis_table
I0127 19:38:10.358551   115 client.cc:1292] Created table system_redis.redis of type REDIS_TABLE_TYPE
I0127 19:38:10.358872   115 yb-admin_client.cc:400] Table 'system_redis.redis' created.

Run redis-cli to connect to the service.

You can do this as shown below.

$ kubectl exec -it yb-tserver-0 -- /home/yugabyte/bin/redis-cli>

Run a YEDIS command to verify it is working.> PING