Install the Yugabyte Python Driver for YCQL

To install the Yugabyte Python Driver for YCQL, run the following command:

$ pip3 install yb-cassandra-driver --install-option="--no-cython"


The flag --no-cython is necessary on MacOS Catalina and further MacOS releases to avoid a failure while building the yb-cassandra-driver.

Create a sample Python application


This tutorial assumes that you have:

  • installed YugabyteDB, created a universe, and are able to interact with it using the YCQL shell. If not, follow the steps in Quick start.

Write the sample Python application

Create a file and copy the following content into it.

from cassandra.cluster import Cluster

# Create the cluster connection.
cluster = Cluster([''])
session = cluster.connect()

# Create the keyspace.
session.execute('CREATE KEYSPACE IF NOT EXISTS ybdemo;')
print("Created keyspace ybdemo")

# Create the table.
  CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ybdemo.employee (id int PRIMARY KEY,
                                              name varchar,
                                              age int,
                                              language varchar);
print("Created table employee")

# Insert a row.
  INSERT INTO ybdemo.employee (id, name, age, language)
  VALUES (1, 'John', 35, 'Python');
print("Inserted (id, name, age, language) = (1, 'John', 35, 'Python')")

# Query the row.
rows = session.execute('SELECT name, age, language FROM ybdemo.employee WHERE id = 1;')
for row in rows:
  print(, row.age, row.language)

# Close the connection.

Run the application

To run the application, type the following:

$ python3

You should see the following output.

Created keyspace ybdemo
Created table employee
Inserted (id, name, age, language) = (1, 'John', 35, 'Python')
John 35 Python