Connect an application

Install the YugabyteDB Ruby Driver for YCQL

To install the YugabyteDB Ruby Driver for YCQL, run the following gem install command:

$ gem install yugabyte-ycql-driver

Create a sample Ruby application

Create a file yb-ycql-helloworld.rb and copy the following content to it.

require 'ycql'

# Create the cluster connection, connects to localhost by default.
cluster = Cassandra.cluster
session = cluster.connect()

# Create the keyspace.
session.execute('CREATE KEYSPACE IF NOT EXISTS ybdemo;')
puts "Created keyspace ybdemo"

# Create the table.
  CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ybdemo.employee (id int PRIMARY KEY,
                                              name varchar,
                                              age int,
                                              language varchar);
puts "Created table employee"

# Insert a row.
  INSERT INTO ybdemo.employee (id, name, age, language)
  VALUES (1, 'John', 35, 'Ruby');
puts "Inserted (id, name, age, language) = (1, 'John', 35, 'Ruby')"

# Query the row.
rows = session.execute('SELECT name, age, language FROM ybdemo.employee WHERE id = 1;')
rows.each do |row|
  puts "Query returned: %s %s %s" % [ row['name'], row['age'], row['language'] ]

# Close the connection.

Run the application

To use the application, run the following command:

$ ruby yb-cql-helloworld.rb

You should see the following output.

Created keyspace ybdemo
Created table employee
Inserted (id, name, age, language) = (1, 'John', 35, 'Ruby')
Query returned: John 35 Ruby

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