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The Vert.x Pg Client driver for PostgreSQL is a reactive and non-blocking client for handling database connections with a single threaded API. Because YugabyteDB is wire-compatible with PostgreSQL, Vert.x PG Client is fully compatible with YugabyteDB.

CRUD operations

The following sections demonstrate how to perform common tasks required for Java application development using the Vert.x PG Client.

To start building your application, make sure you have met the prerequisites.


The Vert.x PG Client executeBatch() API is supported in YugabyteDB version and later.

Step 1: Set up the client dependency

Maven dependency

If you are using Maven, add the following to your pom.xml of your project.


Install the added dependency using mvn install.

Step 2: Set up the database connection

After setting up the dependencies, implement a Java client application that uses the Vert.x Pg client to connect to your YugabyteDB cluster and run a query on the sample data.

Java applications can connect to and query the YugabyteDB database using the PgPool class. The io.vertx.* package includes all the interfaces required for working with YugabyteDB.

Use the PgPool.getConnection method to create a connection object for the YugabyteDB Database. This can be used to perform DDLs and DMLs against the database.

The following table describes the connection parameters required to connect.

Pg Client parameter Description Default
setHost Hostname of the YugabyteDB instance localhost
setPort Listen port for YSQL 5433
setDatabase Database name yugabyte
setUser User connecting to the database yugabyte
setPassword User password yugabyte

Step 3: Write your application

Create a new Java class called in the base package directory of your project as follows:

touch ./src/main/java/com/yugabyte/

Copy the following code to set up a YugabyteDB table and query the table contents from the Java client.

package com.yugabyte;

import io.vertx.core.Promise;
import io.vertx.core.Vertx;
import io.vertx.pgclient.PgConnectOptions;
import io.vertx.pgclient.PgPool;
import io.vertx.sqlclient.PoolOptions;
import io.vertx.sqlclient.Tuple;
import io.vertx.sqlclient.Row;
import io.vertx.sqlclient.RowStream;

public class vertxPgExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        PgConnectOptions options = new PgConnectOptions()

        Vertx vertx = Vertx.vertx();
        // creating the PgPool with configuration as option and maxsize 10.
        PgPool pool = PgPool.pool(vertx, options, new PoolOptions().setMaxSize(10));

        //getting a connection from the pool and running the example on that
        pool.getConnection().compose(connection -> {
            Promise<Void> promise = Promise.promise();
            // create a test table
            connection.query("create table test(id int primary key, name text)").execute()
                    .compose(v -> {
                        // insert some test data
                        return connection.query("insert into test values (1, 'Hello'), (2, 'World'), (3,'Example'), (4, 'Vertx'), (5, 'Yugabyte')").execute();
                    .compose(v -> {
                        // prepare the query
                        return connection.prepare("select * from test order by id");
                    .map(preparedStatement -> {
                        // create a stream for the prepared statement
                        return preparedStatement.createStream(50, Tuple.tuple());
                    .onComplete(ar -> {
                        if (ar.succeeded()) {
                            RowStream<Row> stream = ar.result();
                                    .handler(row -> System.out.println(row.toJson())); // Printing each row as JSON
                        } else {
            return promise.future().onComplete(v -> {
                // close the connection
        }).onComplete(ar -> {
            if (ar.succeeded()) {
                System.out.println("Example ran successfully!");
            } else {


Run the project using the following command:

mvn -q package exec:java -DskipTests -Dexec.mainClass=com.yugabyte.QuickStartApp

You should see output similar to the following:

Example ran successfully!


Pub/sub feature of Vert.x PG client is currently not supported with YugabyteDB. This limitation will go away when LISTEN/NOTIFY support is added to YugabyteDB. See GitHub issue.

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